Shivam Yoga Classes & Indian Massage

Times and prices of the Shivam Yoga Classes

Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday and Thursday

Morning: 07h to 08h a.m. and 08h to 09 a.m.

Night: 18h to 19h and 19h to 20h

Price to one class: R$ 40,00

1x/week for month = R$110,00

2x/ week for month = R$130,00

3x/week for month = R$140,00

4x/week for month = R$150,00 

Sections of Massage

Massoterapia Indiana

Time: One hour

Price:R$ 120,00

Tarot = R$ 120,00

Phone to point out your section of Indian Massage:

(31) 3551-3337, (31) 3551-5394 and (31) 98899-3673 and (31) 98743-1255