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       Shivam Yoga Instructor Course


General Informations


1 – Shivam Yoga Instructor Course


Aiming to train instructors and also to bring the student to a process of self-knwoledge and awareness, the Training Course on Shivam Yoga is taught through lectures and practices. The studies have as focus the Samkhya and Tantra philosophies and comparisons with the Vedanta philosophy. Still we study the Hinduism. We study also the theoretical of the parts of a Shivam Yoga class: Dharana and Dhyana (concentration and meditation), Puja (power Transmission), pranayama (breathing exercises), Bandhas (energizing exercises), kriyas (cleansing exercises), Mudras (gestures of power), Asanas (psychophysical exercises), Yoga Nidra (relaxation technique), Mantras (vocalization sounds for meditation). There are theoretical and practical tests.


2 – Shivam Yoga System


The Shivam Yoga System is in a philosophical and behavioral school. The System was structured by Master Arnaldo de Almeida, who, since 1975, has been working on the Path, having been improved in Brazil (he did two Instructor Yoga Course in Brasil) and India. A few years ago, has had the support of the Indian Mukesh Kumar Sonee, from the city of Khajuraho, who is in Brazil and in the Shivam Yoga Ashram since 1998 and Edilayne Santos, collaborator toward the school. Master Arnaldo began his journey on the Path in 1975, when he became a vegetarian and began his practice of Yoga. In 1988, he began – the autodidactics way – to teach Yoga classes in Ouro Preto- MG. In 1999, he founded, along with Mukesh Kumar Sonee and instructors, the Shivam Yoga System and Assy – Shivam Yoga System Association. In 1992, Master Arnaldo de Almeida established, in UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto), the Project Shivam Yoga at UFOP, which ran of 1991 to 2016. In 2009, began ministering training course Shivam Yoga at UFV (Federal University of Viçosa) and this training was continued in 2011. The matrix of the system is the “Shivam Yoga Ashram” – expression that literally means “Shiva’s Yoga School”. Currently Shivam Yoga Ashram is located in the city of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais – Brazil – and Master Arnaldo de Almeida has been training instructors in Shivam Yoga since 2000, as well as massage therapists. Many of these instructors and therapists follow Shivam Yoga method and work in this area in their Shivam Yoga Institutes or special spaces for this type of work. Master Arnaldo has published books on Yoga and Indian Massage, articles in newspapers and magazines, develops program on Radio UFOP about  Hinduism culture and offers workshops on Yoga and Massage Therapy in several universities, Institutes. Join this work, attending the Shivam Yoga Ashram and Shivam Yoga Centers throughout Brazil and abroad. If you participate of our courses, in addition to become an Shivam Yoga Instructor and a Massage Therapist, you can also develop in a large degree the self-knowledge. You can participate in a research study of Traditional Indian Yoga and Traditional Indian Ayurveda.





3 – Program of Shivam Yoga Course


01) Biography and Current Composition of Shivam Yoga System and Information about the Shivam Yoga Ashram and about Master Founder and Advisor.

02) Bibliography list of books related to Yoga in general and Hindu culture.

03) Shabda – The Biginning

04) General Aspects of Hinduism

05) Asanas

06) Suryanamaskar – Sun Salutation

07 – Pranayamas

08) Mantras.

09) Reflecting about Yoga

10) Yoga – Some Concepts

11) Ortodox Shivam Yoga Class

12) Mudras

13) Yamas and Niyams

14) Tantra’s Ways

15) Degrees of Disciples in Marga – As the philosophy of Tantra catalogs his disciples because of their dedication to the Path.

16) Samkhya Philosophy I – Approach the fundamental principles of Samkhya and understanding of beings, life and the universe.

17) Samkhya Philosophy II – Deeper study of the principles of the Samkhya.

18) Opposition of Vedanta Philosophy and Samkhya – Approach the fundamental principles of Vedanta opposed to the Samkhya.

19) Hinduism – Mythological Aspects

20) Yoga in the World Today – How the world absorbs Yoga nowadays; its ancient and modern lines.

21) Worldview of Shivam Yoga System – How the Shivam Yoga understands the world and beings.

22) Puja – Energy and Power – Theoretical and practical study of the transmission of energy through the energy practices and rituals of Yoga and Shivam Yoga.

23) Anna Shivam Yoga –  Eating according to Shivam Yoga System – The importance of vegetarianism as a means propagator of nonviolence, and ecological environment and as a means of obtaining health.

24) Tantra – Energetic Physiology of the Human Being – Study of Tantra as a philosophy that studies the human being as energy. Study of the Chakras (energy centers) and nadis (energy channels).

25) Concentration and Meditation: Consciousness and Self-Mastery – Theoretical approach and practical techniques of concentration and meditation.

26) Yoganidra – Relaxation

27) Bandhas – Energization Exercises – Theoretical approach and practical techniques of power.

28) Kriyas – Exercises of Purification – Theoretical approach and practice of relaxation techniques – Theoretical and practical approach of purification techniques.

29) Choreography by Shivam Yoga – Theoretical approach and practical techniques for assembling a choreography of Shivam Yoga.

30) Gupta Vidya – Transmission of the Knowledge

31) Shivam Yoga Instructor Profile

32) Vedanta Tantra Chat

33) Sanskrit – Pronunciation – Some keywords to the understanding of the terminology in Yoga and the Shivam Yoga System.

34) Structure of Shivam Yoga System – Presentation of the structure of Shivam Yoga Ashram and the hierarchy of disciples.

35) Standards of Shivam Yoga System to Be Observed how should be guided the work of a ShivamYoga Instructor.

36) Experience within Shivam Yoga System – General Instructions.

37) Statement of Commitment – Commitment with Shivam Yoga Ashram and assy – Shivam Yoga System Association, if the instructor wants to join the Shivam Yoga system.



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