Poems of Master Arnaldo did to Hinduism culture.


(Translation and adaptation of a Poem to Miyan Tansin by Master Arnaldo)


He enchanted the world with his intense serene rhythms

His music vibrated in the entire Universe

The birds listened to his songs with intense attention

And learnt with those new melodies

The trees bloomed new leaves and the flowers scented a pleasant fragrance

Nature thanked him for reverberating energy and life

Those listening filled up their hearts with joy and happiness

The entire world awakened their spiritual force

He is Miyan Tansin

The major music that lived on the Earth

And transformed our lives eternally




Smiles… om smiles

Their faces tranquil and their inner feelings calm

Ingenuous and strong people

In continuous labour day by day, year by year, century by century

In meditation position, always working, never giving up

Their lives … their spirituality… fragile… only in appearance

Self-surrender is their priority

Dreams are eternal and truthful

Waiting for better days…

Smiling… smiling …

Believing in their Karmas and Dharmas

Avatars and Gurus, Masters and Babas …Smiling…

In the past, in the present and in the future …Smiling…

The things are!

(Master Arnaldo)





Om Shiva!  Om Namah Shivaya!

The Ganga flows in Harmony with the flux of Nature

Bathing arid and inhospitable soils, grounds and lands

Nourishing forms and beings

Centuries and centuries of Ishwarapranidhana (self-surrender)

Purifying the pilgrims with the force of its sacred waters

Integrating matter and spirit

Ganga Mayi! Ganga Mayi!

Enchanting all the beings with its eternal music

Om Ganga Mayi! Om Namah Shivayai!

The cosmic energy flowing in intense and continuous joy and happiness

Om Ganga Mayi! Om Namah Shivaya!

I reverence Ganga, the gentle and lovely River!

(Master Arnaldo)





Sages illiterate

Strong and fascinating beings

In continuous process of self knowledge

Observing by itself matter and spirit

In a state of unity, discovered the origin of Yoga

In eternal contentment and self-surrender

Naked, however completely spiritually dressed

Brings for all beings joy to be incarnated

(Master Arnaldo)



In India, ancient and the nowadays, the practice of Mantras is very common. They are mantralized in many events, not only in the spiritual rituals, but inclusive in parties as wedding or in ceremonies of cremation.

In general, the Hindu people like to chant. It is part of their culture. For example, the Indian movies have always songs and the musical part is the most important to the public. In some movies, the Mantras are present and those film companies use in their ads Mantras as well.

There are different kinds of Mantras.

Kirtans and Bhajans

Some authors affirm that Kirtans are Mantras of the North the India and Bhajans are Mantras chanting in the South. Others autors say that Bhajans are Mantras that have melody and Kirtans don’t have melody and so on.

The mantralization is a very important technique in our Shivam Yoga School.

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